SGX.20 Senior Capstone Games

Awesome games created by senior students for their capstone project.
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artChop Shop

Half "Twisted Metal" half "Mario Kart", battle your way through this fun, 4-up couch coop, physics-based driving game. Knock pieces off your opponents and steal or scrap their parts to make the ultimate ride. 

artFate of Factions

A 2-4 player free-for-all arena fighting game; play as a Warrior, Rogue, Ranger or Mage and fight until the whole realm is flying your faction’s banner! 


Fisherman by day, warrior by night. A marooned Viking must battle a series of sea monsters. 


Play as a shrine maiden platforming her way through the Japanese mountainside, restoring balance to nature's seasons. 

artLeon Nights

Dance your way through a frenetic brawl, bathed in pulsing neon, as you take down the skeletal hordes of RaveLord DJ Graves and drop the beat! 

artNekiri’s Tail

When shadowy souls return to bring misery to innocent citizens, a town's cat guardian must stealthily solve a series of puzzles to guide the citizens to safety and expel the "Damned." 


Play this action-thriller as an ancient deity reclaiming a rampant infection from the subway tunnels of a near-future city 

artShepherd’s Sky

Equipped with only a balloon, leaf blower, and fishing pole, find and return your beloved sheep to your peaceful farm while avoiding the Wolfclops and his minions.