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We offer classes for a B.S. in Professional Communication & Emerging Media and an M.S. in Technical & Professional Communication.
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No matter what career path you choose, you’re going to be doing a lot of writing.

And to be a strong writer, you’ll need a creative imagination, a willingness to ask questions, the research strategies to find answers, and the power to clearly communicate your ideas. These are the skills we teach in all of our courses, from our first-year writing classes to our undergraduate and graduate program courses in professional communication. Whether you’re writing a poem, a personal philosophy statement, or a professional report, the Department of English, Philosophy, and Communication Studies will help you grow as a writer and thinker.

Our Programs

B.S. Professional Communication & Emerging Media

Our PCEM program offers you a variety of career paths with concentrations in Applied Journalism and Digital Humanities.
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M.S. Technical & Professional Communication

Are you a working professional seeking to excel your career in communication and project management? Our fully online degree is designed just for you.
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Why the Humanities?

Students well versed in the traditions and methods of the humanities will be better equipped than most to read, comprehend, and analyze different kinds of texts. But the humanities pay dividends far beyond the practical ones resulting from increased verbal ability. Exposure to literature and philosophy provides knowledge of our heritage while at the same time increasing awareness of cultural values, history, sociology, psychology, and almost every branch of human knowledge.

Students in Composition II course.

None of these advantages, however, can overshadow the real reason most people choose to study the humanities: The most important gains achieved are those of the imagination. Even the most practically-minded student will benefit from knowing something beyond his or her professional field, and literary and philosophical study provide the kind of imaginative human broadening that can prove immeasurably valuable in attaining a meaningful, personally fulfilling life.


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The PCEM program prepared me for any open door in the professional communication field.
Shannon Hoyt B.S. Professional Communication & Emerging Media
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