Army ROTC Curriculum

Our curriculum is focused on leadership and is instructed by Officers and Non-commissioned Officers with significant real world experience leading Soldiers.
In this Section

Students learn leadership theory, time management skills, basic Soldier skills, map reading, and many other skills from experienced Army leaders.


Students also attend a two hour laboratory every week where they apply their classroom experience in a practical environment. These labs are planned and managed by our most talented upperclassmen, under the supervision of faculty. This setup allows the students to learn from their peers and take an active role in their own learning.


Army ROTC Course Requirements

Course Course Title Typically Offered Cr.
MSL-101 Foundations of Officership Fall 1
MSL-102 Basic Leadership Spring 1
MSL-201 Individual Leadership Studies Fall 2
MSL-202 Leadership and Teamwork Spring 2
MSL-301 Adaptive Team Leadership Fall 3
MSL-302 Leadership Under Fire Spring 3
MSL-350 Leader Development and
Assessment Course Field Experience
(Credit for Business Administration Only)
Summer 2
MSL-401 Developing Adaptive Leaders Fall 3
MSL-402 Leadership in a Complex World Spring 3

Military Leadership Minor

Our program offers a Military Leadership Minor that any student can pursue without joining the military.

Available Courses | Credits

Course Course Title Cr.
MSL 101 Introduction to the Army 1
MSL 102 Foundations of Agile and Adaptive Leadership 1
MSL 201 Leadership and Decision Making 2
MSL 202 Army Doctrine and Team Development 2
MSL 301* Training Management and the Warfighting Functions 3
MSL 302* Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations 3
MSL 401*
The Army Office  
MSL 402* Company Grade Leadership 3

*Enrollment restricted to Contracted Cadets