Qube Resources

The Qube provides resources for students, faculty and staff across the University and the greater Menomonie area.
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The resources available at The Qube are for use by anyone in the campus community, including students who need information for class papers or projects, and faculty or staff who want to increase their LGBTQIA+ I.Q.

Resources that you'll find in The Qube every day:
  • Friendly office staff who are available to talk and connect you with a variety of resources on and off campus
  • Resources for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students, staff, and faculty
  • A library including books and DVDs on queer history, health, religion, race, style, nationality, and much more
  • Queer magazines, periodicals, and newspapers
  • Free and accessible safe sex materials
  • Free hygiene products
  • A safe and comfortable space for queer and trans students to hang out, study, eat lunch, host discussions, and learn about queer individuals issues and topics

We also have resources for students, staff, community members, and visitors on our Connect website.