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Continuing to make a positive impact on the Cadets of the Northwoods Battalion
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Staying in Touch with ROTC

Alumni of the Northwoods Battalion are encouraged to keep up to date with us via our Facebook page. If you'd like to correspond with others directly, you can find contact information in the ROTC Alumni List

Developing Leaders Since 2005

More than 100 Army Lieutenants have commissioned from the Northwoods Army ROTC Battalion since the program began in 2005. Many of our alumni have asked about how they can support the program once they have commissioned. Listed below are a few great ways to continue to have a positive impact on the Cadets of the Northwoods Battalion.

Giving Monetary Donations

The Northwoods Battalion currently has two UW-Stout Foundation accounts that offer you options for how your donations are used in support of Army ROTC on our campuses.*

ROTC Fund 

The first account is our ROTC Fund (Account #72385). Funding from this foundation account is available to support our operations beyond what the Army and university provide for our normal day-to-day mission. We can use this account to provide funding for Cadet trips to battlefields, competitions such as the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge Competition, Ranger Challenge, and any other event that will benefit our Cadets and the ROTC program.

Vets Club – ROTC Endowed Scholarship Fund

The second account is our Vets Club – ROTC Endowed Scholarship Fund (Account #20150). This fund will provide scholarships to deserving Cadets in our program once it reaches the minimum $25,000 threshold. Currently, we are about $15,000 short of this minimum threshold.

*NOTE:  ROTC is currently working with the UW-Stout Foundation to make both of these funds available for use at any of our universities. We are hopeful that we can make this happen in the next six to 12 months. If you are a UWEC or UWRF alum and are concerned about your donation not being used for your particular university, please contribute to the ROTC Fund as we have more freedom to direct those funds to support the entire battalion.

To learn more about how to give:

Giving Your Time and Talents 

There are numerous ways to give to the Northwoods Battalion in terms of time and mentorship.

Attend the Ball.
Every spring, the Northwoods Battalion Military Ball is open to all alumni and their spouses. 

ShareYour Experiences.
Each semester, the Senior (MSIV) class also conducts a lecture session where alumni and other Army leaders (both officers and NCOs) speak about their experiences to provide valuable "lessons learned" for soon-to-commission Cadets. All alumni are invited to participate in this bi-annual event.

Mentor a Young Leader.
Many times, when a Cadet is pondering what it's like to serve in a particular branch or particular component, we will direct them to an alumnus who has traveled a similar path in their career and can likely offer pertinent advice and mentorship. By simply keeping your contact information updated with your current email and cell phone number (see "Update Your Information" tab on this page), you can serve as a mentor for a Cadet who is following in your footsteps. 

For any questions concerning giving of your time, talents, and treasures email