Painting & Drawing Studios

Painting courses are open to all School of Art and Design majors, including Studio Art, Art Education, Animation and Digital Media, and Graphic Design.
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Elyse Lodermeier, Brenna Noltner, and Ellen Kurtz agreed sharing the painting studio with students of various majors has helped them in the early stages of painting.

"Working from still-lives and models, we learn the techniques of painting," said Lodermeier, an Entertainment Design and Studio Art major. "In the beginning, our pieces all look the same. But as we progress, we develop and solidify our styles."

Students purchase their paints, brushes, and cleaners, as well as wood and stretchers to construct their canvases. Canvas, easels, and storage space is provided.

Series of drawings takes Best in Show in year-end student exhibit

When we see or experience something, typically momentarily, how well do we really understand it?
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UW-Stout students in upper-level painting courses have a home in the advanced painting studio. Ka Moua and Tracie Newman and other advanced painting students can set up their own space for the semester and keep all their supplies within the studio.

“It’s like my own personal office where I can sit, think and read,” Moua said. “I find inspiration from my readings and my peers. I am able to explore more on a focused subject matter by having an advanced studio space for personal research.”

“In the Advanced Painting Studio, our projects are self-driven, versus having assigned projects in earlier courses," explained Newman. "I get to figure out what it is I want to say through my art.”

The painting and drawing studios are open to enrolled students outside of class hours to practice their skills.