CampDoc Registration FAQs

Answers to help prepare your child to register for UW-Stout camps or programs.
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CampDoc is a leading registration software and electronic health record system for camps that helps us effectively deliver youth programs and camps to you and your children.

How do I set up my CampDoc account?

  1. When you first register your child for a youth camp or program at UW-Stout, you will need to create a CampDoc parent/guardian account when accessing the registration link.
  2. After you fill out "About You" in the profile you will enter the children you are signing up, in the "Participants" section. You will be able to use this account for multiple children and multiple program registrations. 
picture of the CampDoc registration portal for parents and guardians. After Completing the "About You" section, users access the participants section as step two.


Get technical help with CampDoc in the Participant Help Center

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What is the registration fee after my program fee?

  • This is a once a year $4.00 fee per participant for program software costs. You only pay once each year, not each program. 

What information is collected through CampDoc?

  • Camp or program registration fee
  • Camper Information
  • Emergency Contact
  • Camper Pick Up Authorization
  • Dietary Needs
  • Allergies and Intolerances
  • Health History
  • Health and Behavioral Background
  • Medications
  • Insurance
  • Health Care Provider/Immunizations
  • Physical Examination
  • Authorizations
  • CampDoc Insurance (optional)

Will this information be secure?

CampDoc offers a secure, encrypted and password-protected site to ensure the privacy of your child’s health information. Please see CampDoc’s Privacy Policy and Security Policy for additional information. UW-Stout youth program staff are required to have Multi-Factor-Authentication to log onto their staff accounts.