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2020-2019 Residence Hall Handbook

The 2020-2021 Residence Hall Handbook is currently under review and will include policies and procedures relevant to COVID-19.  We will post the new handbook and these updates as decisions are made, please check your email and this page for up-to-date information.  Below is the 2019-2020 Residence Hall Handbook.

Whether this is your first year in college, your first year at Stout, or you've been here before, the University Housing Residence Hall Handbook serves as a resource for you to best understand residence hall living.  You'll find general information along with up-to-date content about:

  • Procedures and Services
  • Room Accommodations
  • University Housing Code of Conduct
  • Residence Hall Policies
  • Dean of Students Office and UWS Chapter 17
  • Residence Hall Damage and Cost List

Updates for 2019-2020 Academic Year

Updates that occur to the handbook throughout the academic year can be found here.  New handbooks will be published electronically with the most updated content in August prior to each academic year.

  • FIRE SAFETY [page 19] - additional restricted appliance
    • Soldering irons are not allowed to be used in the residence halls due to ventilation and fire safety concerns.
  • SOLICITATION [page 13] - clarification of "organization"
    • "Organizations" must be Stout Student Association (SSA) recognized student organizations
  • AIR CONDITIONERS [page 06] - first paragraph should read:
    • Students living in all halls except Red Cedar and McCalmont (Red Cedar and McCalmont are already temperature controlled) are permitted to bring their own air conditioners that meet the guidelines below.  There will be a $100 charge per academic year for the use of own air conditioners to cover the utility costs and staff time to inspect the installation.  All guidelines below must be followed and are based on energy conservation and safety.
  • FRONT DESK HOURS [page 11] - hours should read:
    • Sunday - Saturday from 8:00 AM - midnight