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Where ideas take shape.
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From Ideas to Innovation.

Dive into the world of prototyping, testing, and refining as you collaborate with industry sponsors and entrepreneurs. Welcome to the Research & Development Prototyping Lab, where concepts and ideas transform into tangible innovation. 

Student in R&D

As an engineering student, you'll use industry-grade equipment and technology and partner with leading industry figures as you gain invaluable practical experience, insights you'll apply throughout your career, and the confidence to do more on day one.

Safety First

Icons representing safety steps taken in the lab space.

Your journey starts with an essential safety lecture, an informative video, and thorough document reviews. After quizzing your understanding, you'll demonstrate your hands-on safety proficiency with expert guidance. Our commitment is clear: knowledge, practice, and utmost safety.

Discover the Lab's Equipment

At UW-Stout, our labs offer hands-on experience with top industry-standard equipment, ensuring our students receive real-world experience. Our extensive array of equipment is tailored to facilitate a wide range of projects. Organized into purpose-driven categories, students have access to everything from foundational woodworking machines to specialized tools, ensuring the right tool for every innovation. 

Advanced Craftsmanship

Student uses router equipment in the lab

C.R. Onsrud M-Series CNC Router:  A testament to unmatched industry excellence. Representing the pinnacle of our lab's equipment, the M Series isn't just a router; it's an emblem of advanced engineering and dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship. Its robust features and capabilities echo those of top-tier industry equipment, setting the gold standard for aspiring professionals. Engaging with such a machine means you're not just working with the best, but you're also preparing for an industry that demands nothing less.

CNC Machine M-Series

Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030:
Dive into intricate milling without complications. The Genmitsu Benchtop CNC outshines with its expansive work areas and advanced control system. Designed for varied cutting, drilling, and carving tasks on multiple materials, this router is your key to crafting excellence.

Laser Printer
Industrial laser printer

Bring precision to life with our 36EXT industrial laser printer. Beyond its spacious 36" x 24" work area, Radiance™ High Energy Optics ensures unmatched clarity, while the Red Dot Pointer positions your designs to perfection. Suitable for diverse materials, from wood to coated metal, our laser printer is an invitation to redefine construction and engraving.

Wood Working Machines

Student in lab uses jointer.


SawStop table saw

Table saws:
Our tabletop saws ensure safety and seamlessly integrate with craftsmanship. Feel the assurance of a system ahead of the curve, retracting rapidly upon sensing human touch, and optimizing blade exposure for that added peace of mind. Smooth transitions, intuitive access, and streamlined operations ensure your creations are nothing short of perfection. At Stout, we don't just offer tools; we present a commitment to elevating your craft.

Band saws:
Precision in every curve and cut. Our industry-grade band saws stand as a testament to craftsmanship and design intricacy. Designed to cater to complex and intricate projects, these saws provide students with the ability to shape and craft materials with unparalleled accuracy. Engaging with such a tool means stepping into the professional realm, mastering skills that are in high demand in the industry.

Jointers & Planers

Step into a world where every edge matters. Our industry-standard jointers ensure you're working with the very best, allowing you to perfect edges, ensuring precise alignments and fits. As you embark on your prototyping journey, be empowered by tools that define craftsmanship.

Master the art of thickness and surface quality with our top-tier planers. Built for precision and consistent results, our planers pave the way for creating immaculate prototypes. Embrace the opportunity to work with equipment that stands at the forefront of industry innovation.

Student uses planer in lab space.

Precision Tools

Student uses sanding equipment in the lab space.
Drill Presses
Student uses drill press in lab space.

Precision meets depth with our drill presses. Designed for accuracy, these tools allow you to venture into materials with confidence. As you shape and mold, trust in an apparatus that ensures each hole aligns perfectly with your vision.


Shape, sharpen, and perfect with our industry-grade grinders. Cater to every intricate detail, ensuring your prototypes are not just functional, but also aesthetically superior. Elevate your craft with tools that bring your vision to life.


From rough edges to smooth finishes, our sanding tools are designed for perfection. Whether it's hand sanding or using our advanced sanders, achieve the exact texture and finish your prototype demands. It's more than just sanding; it's an art of refinement.

Students sand wood in the lab space.

Finishing & Detailing

Cutting boards produced in the R&D lab
Spray Booth

Prioritizing both finesse and safety, our spray booth offers students a controlled environment to bring vibrancy and protection to their projects. This facility represents the industry's best practices, ensuring every spray paint application is executed flawlessly, all while prioritizing your well-being.

Student uses spray booth to finalize project.

Elevate the natural beauty of your creations with our curated range of stains. The lab is equipped with an assortment of finishes, allowing you to perfect your products with a touch of elegance and durability. Our stains are not just about enhancing aesthetics; they are about encapsulating your craftsmanship in its best light.

Student stains wood
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