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SVRI provides vocational rehabilitation continuing education programs to advance the application of the art and science of the profession. This includes continuing professional education training, career advancement and specialized training, and vocational rehabilitation agency consulting and technical assistance services.

UW-Stout and SVRI offer the opportunity for individuals to advance in the vocational rehabilitation profession with a life-long career advancement toolkit. Education and training are provided to individuals out of high school and up to senior leadership. 


SVRI Webinars

Upgrade your skills with our professional development programs
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CRC Examination Preparation Workshop

A workshop giving you an edge in preparing for the CRC Examination
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Organizational Training and Development

Employee training tailored to your team to improve performance, foster growth and create lasting behavior change
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National Training Center for Leadership

Deepen your leadership skills and gain a nationally certified professional certification
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Innovation Inspiration Expo

A 2-day virtual conference focused on sharing creative and innovative practices
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Our Online Courses

Our trainings are housed within Canvas, our learning management system. Each training module frequently includes video, audio, and interactive tutorials to avoid flat written content as the basis for the course and engage learners on a different level. Asynchronous written discussions facilitated by qualified professionals provide opportunities for practitioners to share their valuable work experiences with each other.  Activities are relevant to practitioners wanting to advance their skills. Course activities are asynchronous, meaning that they can be completed 24/7 as long as they are submitted by assignment due dates established in each training. 

Our staff can provide assistance to people new to online courses to ensure a good experience with the technology.   If you are new to online learning, please visit our "Is Online Learning For Me?" page to learn more about what to expect.

Cancellation Policy/Late Payments

SVRI Webinars:
We are happy to transfer your registration to a different webinar offering. For extenuating circumstances, please email

CRC Exam  Preparation Workshop:
A full refund will be given up to one week after the start of the workshop; after that, no refunds are given. Failure to pay the full workshop fee within 14 days from the start date, we will suspend access to the workshop until payment in full is received.

All other trainings are non-transferrable and non-refundable according to each policy. 


Our online courses are developed with accessibility in mind and we regularly have participants with disabilities. Audio content is also provided in writing and our course management system, CANVAS, can be used with screen readers such as JAWS. 

Please send inquiries to with accessibility concerns.

Academic Misconduct

SVRI Training has a responsibility to endorse academic honesty and integrity. The university has developed procedures to deal effectively with instances of academic misconduct. Click Here for the universities stand on academic misconduct.