Reciprocity, Return to Wisconsin, Midwest Tuition & MSEP

Residents from Minnesota and other Midwestern states may be eligible for a reduced tuition rate.
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Find exceptional value at University of Wisconsin-Stout from our reduced tuition programs for qualifying students. Whether you qualify under Minnesota Reciprocity, Midwest Tuition, or Return to Wisconsin, we're here to showcase how our university offers an outstanding educational experience while remaining affordable and accessible. Discover how you can benefit from these programs and unlock the doors to a quality education at UW-Stout.

Reduced Tuition for Minnesota Residents

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE) and the State of Wisconsin have an agreement that Minnesota residents may attend a Wisconsin university and pay the same fees that you would pay to attend a Minnesota university. This can result in savings of thousands of dollars over your college career!

Reciprocity Application Form

You can also find a paper application form, if you prefer to mail in a hard copy.

Your application must be submitted and approved before reciprocity rates can be adjusted. You will receive an acceptance or denial at the end of your application; print and save this for your records.

If you are successfully approved for reciprocity, you will be charged at the Minnesota Resident tuition rate instead of non-resident rates. Please be patient as there is a processing time and your account will not be adjusted immediately.

You will need to reapply only if you are not enrolled for 12 months and then decide to re-enroll, or if you are transferring to UW-Stout from a different school.

Reduced Tuition for Midwest Residents

Effective Fall 2023, students that are residents from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, and South Dakota will be charged the reduced Midwest Tuition rate. Continuing students who are residents of Illinois, Iowa, and South Dakota will also be charged this rate. (Stout Online/CI students are not eligible) Find more information about tuition and fees here.

Reduced Tuition for Midwest Student Exchange (MSEP) Program

With the Midwest Tuition program starting in Fall 2023, the Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) will be discontinued.  Continuing students that are residents of Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Ohio, already receiving the MSEP rate, will continue to be charged at this rate (Stout Online/CI students are not eligible). Find more information about tuition and fees here.

Reduced Tuition For Return to Wisconsin Program


We never want finances to be the barrier between you and your education at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. We understand the financial concerns of today's college students and are pleased to announce the Return to Wisconsin non-resident tuition discount program.

The Return to Wisconsin discount offers a 25% waiver of non-resident undergraduate tuition to the daughters, sons, and grandchildren of UW-Stout graduates.

If you are interested in carrying on your family's legacy at UW-Stout, this program gives you another good reason to Return to Wisconsin!


Qualifying Alumni
The program is open to students whose parent or grandparent graduated (with undergraduate or graduate degree) from University of Wisconsin-Stout. For purposes of this program, parents include biological, adoptive, step or legal parents and/or legal guardians. Grandparents are defined as the biological or adoptive parent of a person who has a biological or adopted child.

Qualifying Student
The program is open to all new and continuing non-resident students.

Eligible non-resident students include those from states other than Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.  Students from these states qualify for other tuition programs and reduced tuition programs, such as tuition waivers or reciprocity agreements, cannot be stacked. Residents of US territories and foreign countries are ineligible. 


The 25% discount under this program applies to the total non-resident academic fees normally assessed to non-resident students. It does not apply to differential tuition, segregated fees, housing, food service or other fees which may be assessed to these students.


There are no limits as to the duration and/or cumulative benefit which may accrue to students under this program if the student remains in good standing and makes satisfactory academic progress as defined by the institution under US Department of Education guidelines for federal Financial Aid programs.

The program offers no preferential treatment with respect to admissions. All participants are subject to the same admission criteria as other students seeking to attend the institution.

The program does not apply to graduate program tuition and fees or Stout Online/CI students.


Participating students will be asked to submit a signed certification attesting to their relationship to an eligible alumnus.

 Complete Eligibility Form