SGX.24 Senior Capstone Games

Amazing games created by Game Design and Development 450-451 (GDD) students!
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Boogie Beyond

It's 1988. You are a no-nonsense detective tasked with infiltrating a mysterious nightclub known only as Club Cosmic. Groove your way through the otherworldly crowd for evidence. Dance battle the glamorous monsters who try to stop you. Uncover the figure behind all the smoke and mirrors... or succumb to the boogie fever!

Team Members:

Garrett Brown, Sophia Burgess, Eric Gritzmacher, Gabrielle Hanna, Nick King, Benjamin Moen, Payton Ness, Molly Parker, Tristen Rice, Blane Suess, Ian Swan, Dale Thruman, Bryce VanDyke, Sarah Ziebarth, Neil Small**, Ari Graine**, Kai Xie**, Isabelle Swanson*, Cami Bertossi*, Alayna Reps*, Samantha Ziwicki* (* = UW Stout Dance Team) (** = from Berklee College of Music in Boston)

Play Boogie Beyond

Instructors: Michael Tetzlaff & Karl Koehle

Club Crash

Play as one of four unique competitors in the annual Club Crash - an exciting bout between college club captains to garner interest in their respective organizations. Who will come out on top with the coolest moves? Only one way to find out! Ready: Crash!

Team Members:

Zachary Alff, William Canter, Zachary Eason, Daunte Falck, Jordan Grider, Maegan Grittinger, Andrew Holthusen, Anthony Klotz, Savannah Rickert, Deven Short, Anna Stephenson, Isaac Tesch, Lucas C Wright, Max Willman, Christopher Tan Ken Sen*, Carol Gao*, Juan Riera Gomez* (* = from Berklee College of Music in Boston)

Play Club Crash

Instructors: Michael Tetzlaff & Karl Koehle


Living in a dystopian futuristic corporate world has driven R-054 (Rosa) to her limits. After having an altercation with the law, use your new cybernetic enchantments to run, jump, and grapple your way to freedom from the oppressive Corporatocracy. This game will challenge you to go faster than ever before!

Team Members:

Jesse Bauer, Breckin Berg, Q Bryant, Zoom Coe, Olivia Blossom, Ian Fredericks, Sam Clysdale, Dom Mei, Jared Rosen, Brandon Mennicke, Porter Stanley, Will Tollefson, Kolbe Ward, Zachary Cabral*, Dan Wang*, Donavan Boutista* (* = from Berklee College of Music in Boston)

Play HyperPop

Instructors: Michael Tetzlaff & Karl Koehle

Land of Lights game art

Land of Lights

You are a child who has washed up on the coast of a mysterious bioluminescent island inhabited by unfamiliar flora and fauna. Journey alongside your newfound companion and command the light to clear obstacles caused by a disease plaguing the island. Reach the center of the island and unravel the mystery of the spreading disease!

Team Members:

Rachel Bagley, Connor Born, Jacob Buelow, Atlas Collins, Elliott Duffy, Elisabeth Garretson, Eric Hagar, Hunter Hintz, Emily Inman, Camile Lemm, Jacob Libertoski, Silver Oertel, Casey O’Grady, Howie Ramaley, Kaylin Frisaura*, Fiona Zhou*, Andy Lin* (* = from Berklee College of Music in Boston)

Play Land of Lights

Instructors: Michael Tetzlaff & Karl Koehle

Ripple and Frawg game

Ripple & Frawg: The Seasonal Song

Play as Ripple and Frawg, who use the power of their magical instruments to puzzle through different environments, journey through different seasons, and travel upriver to return home.

Team Members:

Jillian Chaltry, Augusto Frietas, Elizabeth Geoffrey, AJ Heyen, Cole Nugteren, Ethan Stark, James Valentino, Frei Xayaphonesongkham, Addison Braun, Zoe Cuthrell, Daniel Johnsen, Nathaniel Willius, Nick Pereira, Justin Schnell, Aspen Pinkston, Neil Small*, Ari Graine*,  Kaixuan Xie* (* = from Berklee College of Music in Boston)

Play Ripple & Frawg: The Seasonal Song

Instructors: Michael Tetzlaff & Karl Koehle

Sunshredder Game


When the Sun falls from the sky, the world is plunged into darkness and strange happenings begin to occur. Join teenage rockstar wannabe Chase in this rhythm-based boss-rush game as he and his band embark on the road-trip-of-a-lifetime to save their sleepy, little town from an onslaught of shadowy abominations.

Team Members:

Will Sagstetter, Ian Anderson, Hope English, Eric Krawczyk, Vang Lee, Nate Leimer, Toni Madges, Samuel Mayer, Amelia Moschkau, Kaitlyn Nutt, Aspen Pinkston, Griffin Soderberg, Elijah Southman, Max Willman, Ali Tahir*,  Jakov Naumoski*, Micah Pillarca* (* = from Berklee College of Music in Boston)


Instructors: Michael Tetzlaff & Karl Koehle