SGX.20 Freshman Games

Get your game on and play dozens of board games created by freshman students.
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Aftershock gameAftershock

A destructive earthquake rambles through the city, destroying buildings, and bringing down your single apartment. Somehow, you're alive. All you need to do is to last until the city's disaster corps, the Grey Coats, bring you to safety. Will you last? Or will you just be another number in a statistic? 

artApex Planetoids

The players work against each other to manage and gather the limited resources available and evolve their desired planetoid into a Gas Giant, a Rocky planetoid, an Ice planetoid, a Ringed Planetoid, or the harder to get Goldilocks (Earth) planetoids. 


ArtworkCommunity Commissioner

You and the other players are the mayors of new towns must compete to commission the construction of new buildings to attract the most people. Boost your town's capacity, industry, happiness, and activity to attract more people than the other mayors.

artworkCompeting Cures

As a world-renowned chemist, you know the big bucks that come flowing in when a crucial cure comes out of your lab. You must make sure you have the best cure before anyone else does, even if that means slowing the others down!

artworkContact Lost

Play an astronaut on a space station that needs constant repair so a rescue a drone can reach you. 

artworkContagion Containment

The world has been infected with the deadly Excinoma Virus. As a highly trained scientist, you must work to save the world from the virus’ wrath, by keeping the infected numbers down. Will you be able to do the impossible within twelve months’ time, or will the world crumble before it? 


Play as a lone peanut, looking to get canned and packaged with more peanuts. Roll the dice, flip cards and add to your overall score. The first person to get to 100 peanuts wins!

artworkFall From Grace

You are a group of young aristocrats that have fallen from their utopian home into the polluted cloud city below. Survive the city to get the mysterious machine you need to live in your new environment, avoid the other nobles and prevent yourself from succumbing to horrible hallucinations. 


GENESIS is a turn-based strategy card game where you play as leaders in a new world of anthropomorphic characters trying to establish your own country. Prove yourself worthy by collecting resources and fighting against others with the help of gods and goddesses.

artworkHot Stuff

With the annual vegetable contest coming up, you must grow the biggest, hottest jalapeno you can while preventing your neighbors from growing better peppers. Whoever collects the most resources and grows the best jalapeno pepper wins. 


Infracut is a two-player game of "precarious scissor twister" where you must cut a complex design out of paper. Share the scissors, share the paper, and share the victory... or the defeat! 


You and up to five other players are isolated due to various calamities. Try to survive by managing your food and water while trying to stay sane in your goal to get beyond your situation. 

artIsolation Palace

As one of the children of the King of Extrover (the most outgoing and friendly kingdom in the world) you desire isolation. Answer trivia questions to gather powerful objects that will allow you to build your dream palace, far away from political intrigue and overly social people. 

artThe Last Doctors

Life as we know it has ended. Humanity has crumbled due to the CPQ-21 infection. The world will fall into absolute ruin without the help of you, the last remaining doctors. Scavenge ingredients for a cure. Watch out for those that might try to stop you.


You are a survivor of a war on your homeland, which is now broken to bits. Nearly out of supplies and food, you venture out into an abandoned city in hopes of finding supplies, or even other survivors. Do all you can to survive the city and fulfill your goal...or die trying.

artPunk vs Metal

You’re a group of metal heads and a group of punks that hate each other and are trying to book a gig at the Hexagon on the same night. Whoever collects the most stuff the Hex needs for tonight's show gets their band booked.


artRavenous Takeover

You are the chief of a surviving faction after political unrest lead to the destruction of the world. Facing the threat of starvation, you must raid the other factions, defend from potential attacks, or gather from the supply area. Try your best to have your faction be the last one standing.

artStormy Night

Stormy Night follows an experience many children can relate to. You are woken up late at night by a loud BANG of thunder, scared of the lighting and darkness. Frightened by the raging storm outside you must find your way to your parent’s room for safety.

But first, you must traverse the dark hallways of the house, who knows what monsters lay in wait? Arming yourself with a flashlight and other helpful items you seek the safety and comfort of your parents. 

artZombie Warehouse

You have been locked in an abandoned military warehouse full of zombies. Luckily, zombies are slow, weak, and predictable. Use the resources in the warehouse to ward off the zombies as you search for something to arm yourself with.