Special Diets

Learn how the University Dining team can assist students who need special diets
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Medically Necessary Diets 

University Dining is committed to providing a safe dining experience for our customers with food allergies and other dietary restrictions. If you are a student with a food allergy or dietary restriction, please make sure to speak with our registered dietitian who is available to assist students with navigating the dining experience on campus. Please see below to submit a dietary request form for a medically necessary diet.

Submit a Dietary Request Form 

How does University Dining assist those with dietary needs?

  • Menu access is available 24/7, with ingredient, allergen, and nutrition facts information available for all products prepared by University Dining.
  • Clearly labeled vegetarian and vegan options denoted on menu boards throughout our operations
  • Denotations for foods that are naturally free from gluten or contain pork.
  • Soy milk and lactaid milk is available in cafeterias and in retail settings.
  • Merle Price Commons Cafeteria has a Diet Pantry available for those students with medically necessary diets (access provided when all necessary medical forms and orientation has been completed)
  • Our full time staff, student managers, and student employees are trained to provide safe foods to individuals who have food allergies, celiac disease, and other food intolerances through ServSafe. All full time staff are ServSafe certified.