SGX.20 Sophomore Games

Check it out exciting games created by UW-Stout sophomore students.
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Venture into the dungeon to defeat bosses and acquire treasure. Level up your party members through defeating enemies and completing dungeons. As they grow, they will gain new skills and become more powerful than before. 

artA Dream to Remember

Puzzle based 2D action RPG with overworld, dialog, progressive challenges, etc. The player plays a doctor who must enter the dreams of patients to combat a virus that is ailing them. 

artThe Little World

Little World is empty and lonely. Explore the world, gather materials and craft to build your little village and provide homes for the travelers you meet along your journey. Delve deep into dungeons and battle the monsters within. 

artRevenge of the Bee

Benny is the sole survivor of a fungus that has infected his hive. Go on a quest for revenge and hunt down the fungal queen through 3 unique areas with different enemy types. 

artRoyal Rodents

Play as an opossum king fighting to take over unfortunate souls' backyards. Increase your troops, build new structures, collect resources, and attack the neighboring rodent kingdoms. When night falls, become the dominant king by defeating the enemy kings and collecting their crowns. 

artShield of Power

Solve puzzles and fight monsters to acquire new abilities for your magic shield! Journey through three unique environments and defeat the bosses to collect them all. 


Serzo, the sole heir to the throne of Synchronicity, accidently unleashed a virulent curse from a flute of ‘tremendous power.’ Faced with his mistakes, Serzo has decided to set things right and return peace to Synchronicity, but not without the help of others. 

artTeddy Toss

Side Scroll platform game, similar to Cat Mario and other rage inducing games. Play as a little teddy bear, that explodes into strawberry jam when you die. The game starts out kind and becomes progressively more difficult. It is meant to be extremely challenging.