SGX.20 Interactive Environments

Find your fun with interactive environment games created by UW-Stout students.
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artDerelict Mystery

Pilot a starship to explore and uncover a mystery. Inspired by the "Moon" Tarot card. 

artThe Last Sun Tree

As the last sun tree's light fades out, it is up to you restore it and revitalize the world once more!

artThe Magus

Become the ultimate sun mage, conquer the sun. Shoot the orbs and reach the end. 


A puzzle experience based on the Magician Tarot card.


Inspired by the Death Tarot card as well as the game Gris. Created with atmosphere and effective level design in mind.

artThe Wheel of Fate

Based on "The Wheel of Fortune" Tarot card. Fate controls our destiny and it can frustrate and torment but can create beautiful moments. 

artThe World

Based on "The World" Tarot card and inspired by Cyberpunk and Neo Tokyo aesthetics. 

artThe World 2

Traverse the winding, cramped paths of a city at night, ending in an open communal space. Small depictions of the fool’s journey, can be found in small sections of the map.