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The CSC specializes in relationship therapy. If you are married or are in a domestic partnership, ask us about relationship therapy, abuse intervention or divorce/break-up adjustment counseling. We also provide relationship check-ups, sex therapy and individualized premarital classes.


Family counseling is available for parents, students, children, and siblings. You can talk with us about adjusting to family changes, such as single parenting, divorce, separation, death of family member, abuse, or a new step or blended family.


Divorce, separation and loss of a family member can be especially traumatic for children. Some children can benefit from therapy to address emotional or behavioral issues, such as bullying. We also provide early intervention programs for youth and young adult offenders.


Most people under mental or emotional strain benefit from therapy. You can come to the CSC with concerns about your mental health, personal trauma, abuse, divorce, grief or loss. If you would prefer, we can also help you with relationship therapy on an individual basis.

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Clinical Director | Associate Professor

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