Alcohol Class

Educational options for students who receive an alcohol citation.
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Educational tools that support students.

For interested students, judges offer a reduction in fines and waive the loss of driver’s license penalty for those who agree to participate in various alcohol awareness programs.


CHOICES alcohol class is to provide students with information and skills to promote safety and prevention. Throughout the class, students are presented with educational information surrounding alcohol use and are able to reflect and interact with other students as it relates to their choices about drinking.

CHOICES is for students who received their first underage alcohol drinking citation.

Drinker's Check-Up

The primary goal of Drinker’s Check-Up (BASICS) is to provide students with an opportunity to discuss and explore their alcohol use in a non-judgmental environment.

BASICS is for students who received their second underage alcohol drinking citation.

CHOICES - Class details
  • Class meets once on Saturdays from 8:30am-12:00pm or Wednesdays from 5:00pm-8:30pm.
  • Class location will be given to students when registering.
  • Cost is $80 for UW-Stout students and $90 for non-Stout students.
    • Fees are due on the first day of class.
  • Non-Stout students must be at least 18 years old or older to attend
  • You must give at least 24 hour notice for cancellations
  • No-shows will be assessed an additional $10 when re-registering for class
  • CHOICES class may only be taken once.
Drinker's Check-Up - Class details
  • Students have (2) 50-minute sessions with a counselor at the UW-Stout Counseling Center.
  • Cost is $125 and can be paid at the first appointment
  • Drinker's Check-Up (BASICS) may only be taken once. If UW-Stout student receives another underage drinking citation, they can complete AAP3 at UW-Stout. After AAP3, students will be referred off-campus for services.
Alcohol Awareness Program (AAP) Benefits
  • Initial 1st offense fine reduced from $263.50 to $200.50.
  • Avoid driver’s license suspension & $60 reinstatement fee.
  • Decrease likelihood of insurance going up due to loss of driver’s license.

If participating in the AAP you must complete the education component by compliance date, or driver’s license will be suspended and full fine and reinstatement fee will be assessed

UW-Stout Conduct Processes

The University Conduct System will apply to students who receive any alcohol related citation, both on and off campus.

Sanctions will be based on the severity of the incident along with consideration given to the conduct history of the student.

Sanctions will be considered on a case to case basis and can range from educational sanctions to disciplinary probation to suspension or expulsion. 

For additional conduct information, visit: