Trevor Knapp

Student Artist-in-Residence 2012-13
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Artist Statement

Saturday Midnight Drive
                        Saturday Midnight Drive


Recent pieces I’ve developed in painting, printmaking and sculpture have moved into a concentration in questioning the realities that we as a society live in, consciously and subconsciously. When I first began as a painter, experimentation with materials was my utmost priority. Through layering of newspaper, spray paint and various acrylics I created bizarre abstract portraits, landscapes, and commentaries on our culture.

Through my recent body of work in printmaking however, I turned towards my subconscious for guidance. I am a sort of practitioner in lucid dreaming practices, and what I have found within my mind has been quite a journey. Not only has it explained my previous complications in life, my dreams have shown me incredible possibilities for art creation. In some cases, like shown in the piece Saturday Midnight Drive, the clash between reality and dream can be almost unknowing and disorienting.