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Dr. Caramancion (He/Him/His) is an internationally acclaimed author and public speaker on information disorder research. He was awarded a Ph.D. in Information Science from the University at Albany last May of 2022. Dr. Caramancion’s research specializations include eclectic domains that intersect with fake news, including but not limited to technology, psychology, communication, and politics. In his works, he seeks to understand the theories, forms, and factors surrounding social network conflicts, including but not limited to cyber-insurgency, digital crimes and terrorism, and virtual warfare. Dr. Caramancion usually applies technological models and solutions such as fair machine learning and open data initiatives in his simulations to solve societal problems.

Prior to his academic roles, he started as a researcher and data analyst for IBM. He then pursued teaching in higher education and funded research projects for his graduate studies. He also holds technical and academic certifications from Microsoft, IBM, Cisco Systems, SAP, and Oracle, among other industry standards. Dr. Caramancion prides himself on being a Senior Member of IEEE and a Professional Member of ACM, ASIS&T, and NCFFD.