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January 24–26, 2022


A virtual conference focused on sharing your creative and innovative practices with your colleagues.

Purpose: Provide a virtual forum for sharing innovative and creative solutions in vocational rehabilitation (VR) that are field initiated (frontline), improve the consumer VR experience, and result in high-quality employment outcomes.

Philosophy: Some of the most innovative and creative solutions come from professionals who work directly with consumers and recognize needs, opportunities, and new possibilities. This expo is designed to give frontline VR professionals a forum to share new ideas, innovative solutions, and creative projects with others in the field. It is also an opportunity to be inspired by peers to think differently, reconnect with creative abilities, and revitalize professional commitment by seeing the field from an exciting new perspective. The expo will be offered virtually on an annual basis to ensure the ability of all frontline staff to attend, participate, and be inspired.

Theme: New Year, New Ideas!  

Location: Virtual/Online

Presenters:  All staff and organizations involved in services to VR clients are encouraged to consider submitting a presentation proposal, including senior managers, district managers, supervisors, counselors, and various support staff. Relevant organizations include State VR Agencies, Community Rehabilitation Programs, VR Service Providers, Independent Living Centers, Veterans Services, Health Care Providers, State Labor Agencies, Special Education Teachers, Adaptive Technology Specialists, American Job Centers, and others involved in helping people with disabilities to maximize their participation in the workforce.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Benefits of Sponsoring the Innovation Inspiration Expo

Investment: Invest in your brand equity by supporting the community of rehabilitation professionals.

Talent: Connect with line staff, supervisors, and agency directors who are at the forefront of the rehabilitation and assistive technology field.

Leadership: Demonstrate your organization’s leadership and innovative practices in front of the brightest minds in the field.

The Innovation Inspiration Expo is a grassroots effort to connect all vocational rehabilitation professionals to educate, discuss, and share different and inspiring practices that are working in the field

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When you work in vocational rehabilitation, you often have to think outside the box to help consumers overcome obstacles to employment. But how far outside the box? Sky high? Into outer space? Those are two places that innovative state VR programs have taken their consumers. Charleston VR partnered with Boeing to let consumers try designing and modeling a Dreamliner jet airliner. NASA and GM paired with Michigan VR for a weeklong STEM camp.  

Back on Earth, one VR agency collaborated with a technical college to adjust their machining program so blind consumers could get certified to work on portions of the process that don’t require eyesight. Another built a program that helps transition-age youth prepare for the world of work with job tours, coaching, job shadowing, and internships. 

These are just a few of the many programs that state agencies have initiated for their consumers – and agencies are coming up with new practices all the time. This conference has been created so that practitioners can share and discuss these innovative ideas that you may be able to adapt to your program. 

How about you? Has your agency come up with any unique strategies or inventive programs? Perhaps a new way to introduce consumers to their career choices in an original way. Or have streamlined internal procedures to create more face-time with consumers. Whatever it is, we’d like to provide for you an opportunity to share with – and learn from – your VR colleagues. 

We want a broad range of presenters and topics for this first Expo.  Please email us or call us with questions or if you need assistance translating your innovation into a Request for Proposal (RFP)

If you have questions about this RFP or would like assistance preparing a proposal, please send an email to

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