SGX.20 Junior Games

It's a game party with a variety of multi-player and puzzle games created by junior students.
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Chromachanics is a "2.5D" puzzle platformer that puts emphasis on color. Utilize the primary and secondary colors to clear obstacles, use unique abilities, solve puzzles, and complete the levels! 


Collide is a multiplayer party game that players can seamlessly hop in and out of using their phone’s web browser. 

artCosmonaut Caper

Cosmonaut Caper is a single player stealth, sleuth, and stealing game where you infiltrate the private collections of stolen and black-market alien artifacts to return them to their rightful owners! Try your best to be the space-faring robin hood figure this galaxy has never seen! 


Most games encourage you to avoid death.  In Doomer your goal is to seek out these things that would normally kill you.  When you die you take on the properties of the substance that killed you and become immune to it, however, you will be sent back to the start.  Using this skill maneuver levels with the intention of dying to move forwards. 

artGive Me Some Space

A 2D party game where the players are allowed to choose from twenty different characters and adventure throughout the planets. Each planet has a different mini game. 

artHyperspeed Stardust

Dodge enemies while firing back in order to escape the planet’s atmosphere. Use missiles and lasers to push through the fleets of enemy fighters, bombers, mines and more. 


Keji is a puzzle platformer where players resize the browser window to affect the level's size and shape. They play as a baby chicken that pushes an ice block around to warm up by a heater. 

artMechanical Mess

Work on a team of two mechs. One player controls movement and positioning and the other controls aiming and shooting. Work with you co-pilot and other mech companions to win the game.


An idle game where you play as a necromancer creating an undead army. Use files from your computer to create undead companions to aid you in your conquest. 


Originally designed to take advantage of an alternate foot-pedal controller, this game has you operating a bouncing bunny, in search of their den, while avoiding badgers and other predators. 


You are an evil villain that is trying to spread mischief and chaos throughout the world. Sometimes through petty means, sometimes more serious. 

artSo Spoke the Leviathan

So Spoke the Leviathan is a dark and mysterious adventure. Play as a little girl who tries to navigate the depths of the ocean, conversing with monsters, solving puzzles, and trying to stay alive. Do you have what it takes to traverse the deep dark depths? 


Downloaded into a new computer world, a virus seeks out its missing functions all while blending with the software populace.