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Stick Fighter: An Experiment in Rollback Netcode

Stick Fighter is a 1v1 fighting game with one character and peer-to-peer network multiplayer. This is an honors project that involved self-managing a creative pursuit, learning how to interact with open-source software (Godot), and investigating how networked multiplayer games work.

Team Members: Ian Springborn

Instructor: Michael Tetzlaff

disciples of varahces

Disciples of Varahces

Long ago, the god Varahces was sealed away and forgotten by the world. Now, after millennia in isolation, he has found a way to contact a few individuals, and grant them his powers in exchange for their devotion. Now he promises them even greater powers, as long as they free him. Disciples of Varahces is a roguelike where you fight waves of increasingly stronger enemies, gathering items along the way to grow stronger yourself.

Team Members: Jeremy Ivanauski

time turned

Time Turned

A calamity is occurring, and rapidly. The only hope for saving the world is you and your time-bending pocket watch. There is a device that can stop the calamity at the other end of a dangerous research facility, but its rooms are rapidly collapsing in on themselves. Use your control of time to create time clones and quickly traverse each room before they collapse on top of you.

Team Members: Samson Smith (Artist), Wyatt Senalik (Programmer), Bryce Cernohaus-Schrader (Programmer), Jack Dekko (Programmer), Kayla Lemke (Logo Artist)

herding cats

Herding Cats/Korraling Kitties

Herding Cats is a mobile puzzle game. All of your Cats have escaped your backyard pen, you must use the items at your disposal to scare or lure your cats back into their pen.

Team Members: Aaron Tweden, Damian Link, Daniel Zins, Declin Anderson, Michelle Castillo Canedo