SGX.23 First Year Student Games

Dozens of board games created by Game Design and Development 100 (GDD) students.
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10th Day

10th Day

10th Day is a zombie survival RPG where you navigate the dangerous state of Wissota with a group of survivors to discover the cure for the apocalypse. Cooperation and resource management are integral to surviving this perilous state. Drop in, fight zombies, and get out.

Project Manager: Mia Schuler
Game Designer: Alex Colmenares
Game Developer: Alex Rowley
Art Director: Belle Davis

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


capus connumdrum

A Day in the Life

Our game starts with a player choosing to be the 'Void Guide'. everybody will then draw cards to see what traits they will have throughout the game. after this a player will start the game by drawing from the event deck, and based on the type of card drawn will determine what happens next. Everybody will take a shot at solving the problem that comes up, and democracy will determine the winner, who will recieve a token. The first player to 5 tokens wins the game.

Project Manager: John Todd
Game Designer: Carter Haroldson
Game Developer: Dash Padget
Art Director: Bella LeClair

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


against all odds

Against All Odds

Against All Odds is a chaotic and colorful survival game that follows a group of four crash-landed friends that must stick together and try to beat the odds in their harsh, unpredictable environment. Work together to gather resources and build your ticket off the island - just make sure you've escaped before that restless volcano erupts. Additionally, while the game is cooperative... you may just start to view your fellow survivors in a different light on your fifth day without food.

Project Manager: Will Mace
Game Designer: Dustin Anderson
Game Developer: Lila Daily
Art Director: Kaegan Butterworth

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


clowns vs dracula

Clowns vs. Dracula

Clowns vs. Dracula is a competitive board game where Dracula tries to ruin the circus while the clowns hunt down the big bad bat. At the beginning of the game, players choose who will be Dracula.The rest of the players are Clowns and will choose which clowns they want to be. The game ends when either Dracula is caught, or all the stations are destroyed.

Project Manager: Brett Kohl, Dylan Gutting
Game Designer: Vera Kilpatrick
Game Developer: Mia Finch
Art Director: Sally Nelson

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


crime syndicate

Crime Syndicate

In Crime Syndicate you can play as one of four factions either the Mafia, Yakuza, Cartel, or KGB. You are trying to grow your business and expand in Manhattan. Fight the other factions for control of the city and assert your dominance. The game ends after 15 rounds and the player with the most businesses wins.

Project Manager: Kyle Boatwright
Game Designer: Tayler Schumacher
Game Developer: Connor McKillip
Art Director: Grace Bell

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


culture war

CULT-ure War

CULT-ure war: Players are given the opportunity to have all the fun of starting a cult and gathering followers, without any disastrous consequences. Players will design their cult, and deity. Then gather followers in hopes of summoning the deity to defeat the opposing cults. First your opposing cults, then the world! 4 Players

Project Manager: Tony Condon
Game Designer: Nathan Allan
Game Developer: Patrick Mitchell
Art Director: Robinson Illig

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


dragon isle

Dragon Isle

In Dragon Isle you play as a dragon who loves to explore and gather gold and treasure! Your goal is to help the villagers by answering their requests. You win by gathering gold and treasure for your lair! You can also battle and steal from other dragons.

Project Manager: Mackenzie Kuska
Game Designer: Gabi Ledin
Game Developer: Donovan Stoddard
Art Director: Abby Madl

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


farm wars

Farm Wars

Farm Wars! Choose your character & tamper with everyone else’s farms, while trying your best to keep yours “intact”. Will you be a farmer, gardener, or rancher? Steer your way through weather, animal raids, crop destruction, alien cow abductions, & more!

Project Manager: August Morrill
Game Designer: Francisco Cayetano
Game Developer: Collin Messmann
Art Director: Xander McFaul, Hunter West

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


fragments of the key

Fragments of the Key

Traverse the monster-ridden wreckage of Keyian as you ready yourself and your partner for battle. Defeat the all-powerful dragon to save the captive Princess Apple, but beware, as you are not the only warriors seeking glory...

Project Manager: Patty Schloe
Game Designer: Melissa Kosharek
Game Developers: Connor Llewellyn, Claire Moztko
Art Director: Melody Lueck

Instructor: Jackie Cummings


happy little dungeon crawlers

Happy Little Dungeon Crawlers

Waking up in an unknown underground world as cute animals, explore, loot and defeat the world’s most terrifying (and adorable) bosses as this constantly evolving dungeon changes the way you play with every room you explore!

Project Manager: Douglas Ramlow
Game Designer: Steven Lee
Game Developer: Eliza Gerken
Art Director: Ashley Door

Instructor: Jackie Cummings




Hecate is a survival game where players must defeat demonic enemies and overcome environmental challenges. The players can choose between 4 characters with their own unique abilities to survive in their own way. Players earn tokens to grow stronger, upgrade their gear, and get through higher tiers of events, in a race to be the first to beat the harbingers of the apocalypse.

Project Manager: Christian Gorka
Game Designer: Liam Neary
Game Developer: Kordell Moe
Art Director: Stephen Brayden

Instructor: Jackie Cummings


island excapades

Island Escapades!

Vacation gone wrong! In this game, you and your friends have crash-landed on a deserted island! In the distance, you can hear a nasty storm brewing... Gather resources to stay alive and obtain your scattered boat parts around the island to escape successfully before the dangerous storm hits! If you fail, it’s every man for themself!

Project Manager: Keolani Baumgart
Game Designer: Katie Neukirchen
Game Developer: Devon Letter
Art Director: Kaelyn Clark

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


magic money makers

Magic Money Makers

Gather materials by adventuring and drawing cards of various rarity. Use the cards to achieve personal goals to help you surpass the other players and win or sell them for more gold. Create strategies using character specific abilities to end the game by reaching 2500 Gold before your opponents!

Project Manager: Cael Spartz
Game Designer: Zac Starkman
Game Developer: Mike Thiel
Art Director: Michael Martin

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


natical discovery

Nautical Discovery

Nautical Discovery is at its most basic, a game about drawing fish. Players are tasked with after each round of movement drawing a fish-based on a short description. For example, a description may be “A flat fish that lives near the ocean floor.” And all the players will then attempt to draw it. The best drawing is voted by the “Host” player of that round. There are other cards included such as challenge cards and trap cards, that change up the gameplay a bit by forcing players to include different ideas into drawings or having to make a drawing at a disadvantage. Rinse and repeat until ten turns have passed, and the player with the most won topic cards is declared the winner.

Project Manager: G Paracha
Game Designer: Andrew Schueffner
Game Developer: Brian Carr
Art Director: Bri Greenlee

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


non human jobs

Non-Human Jobs

Welcome to the thrilling world of Non-Human Jobs, the card game where players take on the roles of mechanics vying to build the most advanced and efficient robots to perform jobs that no human ever could! Will you focus on building robots that can perform as many jobs as possible, or will you build robots with abilities to sabotage your opponents? With endless possibilities and fun, Non-Human Jobs is the ultimate game of innovation, rivalry, and robotic domination... uh, I mean co-habitation!

Project Manager: Leo Dresang
Game Designer: Luke Carlson
Game Developer: Joe Ferro
Art Director: Chufeng Yang

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


potion masters

Potion Masters

In Potion masters, you play as an aspiring alchemist, trying to make it big! Gather resources to create the best potions you can, and sell them to potential buyers in town!

Project Manager: Albert Osmanovski
Game Designer: Ethan Hershberger
Game Developer: Ryan Heer
Art Director: Alex Brunner

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


reaper co

Reaper Co

Congrats! You are the newest employee in the Reaper world, your job is to manage and harvest souls for the man downstairs. However, you're not alone, others are trying to rise the ranks as well. Your Goal is to collect the most souls and eventually take on the Reaper and his henchmen and become the new boss of Reaper Co!

Project Manager: Nick Bangia
Game Designer: Nathan Johnson
Game Developer: Garrett Gerlach
Art Director: Samantha Kiewel

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


the house of secrets

The House of Secrets

You and your friends sneak into an abandoned mansion to make a hideout. Upon entry, the door locked behind you! Your goal is to find the three keys to unlock the front door and escape the mansion. Watch out! You hear the haunting whims of a ghost. Try to escape before time runs out!

Project Manager: Jake Swanson
Game Designer: Kara Rasmussen
Game Developers: Luke Carlson, Zach Yates
Art Director: Emily Johnson

Instructor: Jackie Cummings


the king is dead

The King is Dead

The KING of the UNDERWORLD is DEAD! Play as one of six different factions to try to rebuild a civilization in hell. Each faction is different, abilities and objectives to take over such an unforgiving land. Collect resources, build great citadels, and create armies to fight other growing factions.

Project Manager: Jonah Bechard
Game Designer: Elijah Buck
Game Developer: Luke Leppanen
Art Director: Lucy Balles

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


theyre gobblin my gold

They're Gobblin' My Gold

This is a Collection-based Board game with the goal of collecting the most gold before the game ends. Each player has their own faction of goblins around a giant mountain. This mountain is the source of all gold for each goblin faction so they must send troops to mine for gold, collect general resources, and protect their gold from thieves.

Project Manager: Devyn Tyacke
Game Designer: Logan Mentjes
Game Developer: Alyssa Bloedorn
Art Director: K Caron

Instructor: Jackie Cummings


thick as thieves

Thick as Thieves

You and your friends have just discovered a mountain of treasure! However, you all refuse to split it evenly. Take as much gold as possible from the treasure chest without alerting the thief who wants to take your gold. Use your wits to convince the thief to take from the other players.

Project Manager: Luke Soudaly-Espinosa
Game Designer: Emily Fisher
Game Developer: Matthew Brodbeck
Art Director: Annmarie Morrison

Instructor: Charlie McCarron


working title

Working Title

In the game “Working Title”, you and up to 4 friends are going against each other as video game developers to create the most successful games. You’ll do this by landing on the color-coded employee spaces across the timeline to fill out your game genre cards. Will you be the one to make many games possible or will you put all your resources into one game to make?

Project Manager: Logan Lautenslager
Game Designer: Andrian Mueller
Game Developer: Andrew Jones
Art Director: Sean Putzer

Instructor: Charlie McCarron